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Welcome to Gifts2Love

We are here to help you spread a little magic and create happy hearts through out the year with you gift giving. 
With so many reasons to give, we are committed to making your life just a little easier with Gift options to spoil eveyone on their special day or warm someones heart that just needs a little "Pick me up" moment. 
The concept behind our creations is to make our Gifts Enjoyable, Usable and Memorable.
We hope our gifts bring happiness, smiles and treasured memories.


Dates and Gifting Events to remember 2023

14 February 2023: Valentine’s Day
9 April 2023: Easter Sunday
14 May 2023: Mother’s Day
18 June 2023:  Father's Day
9 August 2023:  Women's Day
1 September 2023:  Spring Day
6 September 2023:  Secretary's Day
10 September 2023: Grandparents’ Day
5 October 2023: Teachers' Day
16 October 2023: Boss's Day
Corporate Gift Time
25 December 2023: Christmas Day


Our Personalised Gift

Some occasions need just a bit extra, we will create a personalised gift for your special VIP, so you can truly give a memorable gift.
For Personalised gifts please contact us via email.  

Corporate Clients

We know you have busy schedules and little time, so we would love to help with your year end gifts, we will create and design something special for your clients and staff working within your budget. Should you already have the gifts we also offer a packaging and wrapping service just to make your day a bit easier.  Please contact us via email.